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CCD Cameras


CCD Camera
CCD Camera
CCD Camera CCU

Model 960 and 960L

Our CCD cameras are of the highest quality; they have been designed solely for medical X-ray imaging from an image intensifier tube. The standard system is a two piece configuration that includes a camera head and a camera control unit (CCU). The camera head and CCU are both single board design utilizing surface mount technology.

The SS960 40 Mhz. 1K x 1K 12 bit CCD camera that uses a high performance Dalsa FT18 sensor and runs at a full 30 FPS. This is a dual mode camera that has a second mode of 1K x 512 @ 12 bits at 60 FPS.

The camera may be switched to 20 Mhz. mode that runs at 1K x 1K @ 12 bits and 15 FPS. The second mode is 1K x 512 12 bits at 30 FPS. This is mainly for image processors that can't support a full 40 Mhz. rate.

The A/D converter is in the camera head. The LVDS digital data is transmitted to the camera control unit via flexible 50 conductor cable. Up to 100 feet cable length is possible.

This camera is available with last image hold, gamma correction and our unique noise reduction algorithms.The SS960 camera is available to interface to many different image processors. The display section can be configured for many different monitors including the standard 60 Hz. progressive XVGA connection.

This camera is available in a bi-plane configuration. The timing is arranged in such a way that the need for IA blanking is eliminated.

AGC and auto black may be turned on and off individually from the control interface. Up to 10 modes of operation with individual selections of parameters can be controlled by the interface.

There are very few adjustments in the camera system. The camera head is interchangeable from the CCU without adjustment for ease of service. A 75 foot flexible interconnecting cable is provided as a standard.



CCD Camera

CCD Camera System

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