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The DIGISTAR-600® is a complete Cardiac Cath Lab. The following components are included:

X-Ray Generator


  • Specially designed for Cardiac, Peripheric and Neurological studies;
  • Exceptional performance in Digital Mode- Maximum quality in Angiography and embolizations ;
  • Several Angiography parameters set-up programmed by the user and stored in the system;
  • No artifacts in Road-mapping due fluoro lock-in and EIP feature;
  • High Frequency X-Ray Generator. Pulsed Fluoro and low dose rates;
  • Iso-Watt operation – best image contrast;
  • System totally controlled by micro-processors generating constant kilowatt x-ray beam. Homogeneous images in every projection;
  • Kvp, mA and Pulse Width can be used either in auto, manual or both modes;
  • Complete system monitoring in each shot -  Safe and efficient for operators and patients;
  • Overload X-Ray tube protection;
  • Error codes to facilitate servicing and fast maintenance.



C-arm and Table

DigiStar 600

  • C-Arc fixed on the floor as shown in the picture. Totally motorized with all four movements and variable SID;
  • Rotation and Angle;
  • Both sides patient table access by the Physician;
  • Table comes with two holders : Arm Holder and Serum Holder;




X-ray System Components

Image Intensifier:


  • Three fields Image Intensifier (9", 6" and 4.5" - 12", 9" and 6" optional) with QX tube and solid state power supply. High performance, high brightness and contrast, more reliable;
  • German Rodenstock HL lens with photo diode pick-up assembled in the lens structure;
  • Carbon grid with 100 lines, specially designed for variable SID keeping uniform the radiological density;



X-Ray Tube:


  • Metallic center X-Ray tube, focus 0.6 x 1.2 mm, heat storage 1.000.000 H.U.;
  • High Speed anode at 10.000 rpm;
  • Closed circuit oil refrigerating oil. Heat dissipation capacity  270.000 H.U./min;



Additional Equipment:

  • Automatic Collimator with Rotational Wedge Filer;
  • Ceiling suspended mount for monitors.
  • 1 Pair of  High Voltages cables;
  • Image Star II® Cardiac Image Processor
  • 1 System Interconnection cables kit;
  • 1 Metallic Equipment Rack Cabinet;

(The DIGISTAR-600® is currently awaiting FDA approval)

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